The Beached Mermaid, LLC

My earliest and best childhood memories always have me wanting to go to the beach and be at the sea. Growing up our family did not live near either one, which then had my parents asking me why this was where I constantly wanted to go. My answer to them was always the same, I’m not quite sure, it just is. If even the slightest mention of a family trip was made, I did all I could to make it end up at the seashore. For each of those times I would find myself being drawn to the sea like no other place.


As I continued to grow up the ocean always called me. Through all my years of school and college the love of the sea stayed true. During that time many of my friends would tell me that I should have been born a Mermaid. Eventually I learned that in some folk traditions, Mermaids could be both benevolent and beneficent while at the same time bestowing boons upon humans. Looking back I think this might be why I chose the career that I did.


My life as a nurse has always been both challenging and fulfilling. Starting out as an RN in a major hospital at the age of 22 allowed me to learn just how precious life was. Working to help people become well again gave me a sense of purpose and caused me to appreciate my accomplishments. Helping patient families deal with the critical injury, serious sickness or death of a loved one taught me to appreciate life and try to live it to my fullest.


During these last several years I have used my nursing skills while working in a long standing plastic surgery and skin care practice. Helping people to improve and enhance their appearance has become the most enjoyable work I have ever done. The confidence we have in our outward appearance directly affects what our inward feelings are. Knowing that I have helped someone feel really good about the way they look, which has then made them feel great all over, is very rewarding.


Having had so many positive experiences dealing with one’s outward image, I now have a strong desire to take things one step further. My goal is to present a special and unique collection of women’s clothing that combines my love of the ocean and the beach with that of making you feel good about the way you look. All of the garments that The Beached Mermaid offers bring the beach, the beach resort and the transition from beach to anywhere together. Our one-of-a-kind clothing comes from all around the world and can only be found in highly specialized stores like The Beached Mermaid.

Always know that the Mermaid has a combination of elemental and angelic energies. She is seductive and charming, with a mysterious aura that surrounds her very essence, making all those in contact with her subject to her positive influence. Knowing this, my hope is that you wear your Beached Mermaid items as a testament to your own unique presence and charm.